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Working in partnership with parents

Working in partnership with parents

Parents are very interested in their children’s progress from baby to child and beyond. Early years practitioners are also interested in children’s progress. Parents and practitioners thus share a joint interest in, and responsibility for, children’s development and learning. ( Early years Foundation Stage,  2017)

Early years education in India has several names such as pre primary, kindergarten, pre-nursery, play groups and Early Childhood Education. This mainly covers children from 2 to 5 years.

Central Indian government or any other state in India hasn’t developed any Early Years curriculum yet. Needs of society has changed and quite a few playgroups has been mushroomed in India in the from of franchise and pre primary. Due to lack of any framework, all these playgroups are running their own curriculums. Some with the names of international early years pedagogy such as Montessori and Reggio Emilia and some are just running the curriculum they think is good for children. These different settings are doing well and are full of kids. However, whatever the setting is they seem to be struggling making parents happy on two key points: pushing children towards reading or writing at early age and teaching children through play.

While Early Childhood settings in India are working towards providing care for children, they should also be looking at running parenting classes. Parents in India need to make understand that at very young age children need to play. Play is important for their social, emotional and language development. Play helps them towards their motor skill and vocabulary development, which is essential for reading and writing skills. It’s not an easy task but parents need to be taught in sensible way that children’s overall development is more important than their literacy and mathematics development. Confident children are more likely to learn quicker then a child who has been pushed beyond the limits and failed regularly at early age.


More and more parenting classes are going to be beneficial for everyone including parents, children and settings.

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