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Indian Celebrity mothers: Are they setting good trends, what about attachment?

Scandinavian countries are the best countries to raise your child in the world. One of the reasons behind that is their government policies regarding maternity and paternity leaves. These countries provide nearly a year of maternity leave and over 12 weeks of paternity leave paid at 100%. Why the government of these countries is in favor of having a child all the attention from their primary care in the first year of their life?

According to John Bowlby and other theorists of ‘Attachment Theory’, the first year of a child’s life is very important for his/her emotional development. It’s important for a child to have a primary carer/carers during this time. Children who have consistent care and love from their primary carers such as mother or father are likely to be emotionally strong adults. Research shows that children who grow up in shared care where they see multiple people coming and going from their life are likely to be a confused child and grow up as an emotionally unstable adult. They have trust issues throughout their life.

When celebrity mothers are quickly ready to come to work as soon as one month after the birth of their baby, it can set up wrong examples for young mothers in the country. Particularly, where government policies are not much in favor of children anyways. Young mothers need to understand that staying with your child as much as possible in their younger years is not anti-feminist or anti-modern.

It will be wrong to judge celebrity mothers completely, as they might have their own arrangements in place such as having a consistent nanny or grandparents around all the time. Therefore, it’s important for young parents to make their own judgments depending on their own personal situations.

Nonetheless, everybody needs to understand that building an attachment at a young age is vital for a child’s emotional and hence overall development.

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