Mrs. Kalpana Thanvi

East Berkshire College (Known as Windsor Forest Colleges Group now)
Lecturer, Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer in Early Years and Education

Kalpana Thanvi is currently working as a lecturer at Langley College, which is a part
of Windsor Forest Colleges Group in UK. She has over seventeen years of collective
experience of working as an early years practitioner, lecturer and assessor in different
part of the country. She has also gained higher education qualifications in both fields
including Foundation degree in Early Years and Diploma in teaching for Life Long
learning. She continues to work towards keeping her knowledge and qualifications up
to date in both: adult teaching and early years.

Kalpana has been fortunate enough to stay in touch with India on regular basis and
got ample opportunities of observing the early years experience of Indian children.
She realised that very few privileged Indian children have quality early years
experience in India unlike UK. UKEE is her attempt to reduce this gap and providing
opportunities to each child to have quality early years experiences in India. This is her
effort of giving back to the society.