EYFS: Communication


This short course, aimed at those working in an early years setting, explores one of the prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage: Communication and language. Learn the importance of good communication skills to a child’s life, and how to build children’s confidence with language and show them that what they have to say is important and valued. Consider the key role you play in this and how to be a role model effective communication. Additionally, you will learn how to reflect on how well you are communicating with children and others in your setting.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn to communicate with children in a way that supports the development of their speech, language, and communication, as appropriate for their age and stage of development
  • You will learn to understand you are a role model for young children and as such, should be positively interacting with those around them
  • You will learn how to support children’s speech, language, and communication development in line with statutory guidance for England

Advantages of this course

  • Communication and language is a prime area in the EYFS and this course will help early years practitioners build their knowledge in this area and increase their understanding of the importance of being a role model for effective communication
  • You will have an opportunity to reflect on your own speech, language, and communication skills and how effective you have been in supporting young children with their development in these areas
  • You will be given a number of suggestions for communication and language activities, along with advice for encouraging children who are not confident communicators
  • There is also suggested extended reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge