About UK Early Education

At UK Early Education, our organization’s motto is ‘to support the right to education for the children of India’. This links to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) which exists to provide every child in this world, 42 rights to live a happy and safe childhood and to reach their full potential. Some of these are: the right to play and relax, the right to healthcare, the right to be safe from violence, abuse and harm and the right to education.

We, therefore, understand the importance of education and believe that all children in India should have the opportunity to have quality early years education regardless of their socio-economic, religious or regional backgrounds.

Our founder has been fortunate enough to spend the early years of her life in India and then specialized in Early Childhood Education in the UK.

During this time, the UK government have been diligently working towards providing quality early childhood education to all children in the country. The UK’s Early Years Curriculum is known as Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

EYFS provides guidance about how to promote children’s learning and development through thoughtful planning, an enabling environment, through partnership working and by having a good understanding of child development.

Our organisation’s mission is to educate the early years teachers in India about the principles of EYFS, at an affordable price, so that the quality of UK early childhood education can reach the vast part of society in India. We are doing this through online short courses developed by Laser Learning and successfully running early childhood education training so far.


Laser is one of the UK’s most successful organization for developing e-portfolios to deliver UK qualifications, online learning resources and providing advice and guidance on delivering UK qualifications abroad. Laser is endorsed by the awarding organization NCFE CACHE and they work closely with CACHE to support training centers abroad.

These Laser short courses are written by subject specialists, filmed by Laser Studio team, and formatted by Laser expert content team.

Our short courses are available to purchase through our website which has been developed in the UK. Each course is made up of videos, Powerpoint presentations and links to different reading resources. Once you have been through videos and reading materials, you will be taken to an assessment.

The assessment is made up of multiple choice type questions. Once you complete the assessment, you can print your certificate which features the Laser Learning and UK Early Education logos.

You can go back to the course and reattempt the assessment if you haven’t succeeded the first time. You can try as many time as you want until you achieve a positive result.

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